Euphoric Tastebuds at 16 Handles

Try to remember back to the day when yogurt came in plain vanilla flavor and tasted almost like medicine. Now, fast forward to 2012, where it is available not only in frozen mode, but also in flavors such as birthday cake. Yogurt has now become the ultimate comfort food with countless creative names, sophisticated toppings and intricate flavors. 16 Handles, a self-serve frozen yogurt franchise is a true Disneyland to the yogurt lover. And luckily, last night, I had the great chance of joining this yogurt revolution by making my very first 16 Handles “creation”. Naturally, with a name like 16 Handles, this place offers sixteen flavors that rotate over the course of a year. Whether it be classic flavors (eurotart, vanilla sky, strawberry fields) or more exotic ones (chocolate love affair, strawberry lemonade and peanut butter confession); the yogurt adventurer will always be surprised by the impressive selection. The atmosphere in 16 Handles could not be more inviting. An explosion of colors has taken over the 2600 Broadway location. Most cups (which happen to be biodegradable), spoons, walls and stools are pink and green. This vibrant color palette not only makes the location fun, young and euphoric but it also makes it the summer hotspot. Here is an example of progress at its best. Why would you want to back to the days of plain medicinal yogurt when the sublime pleasure of 16 Handles lures you in from the neighborhood streets? Simply irresistible!

By Léa Lotey-Goodman


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