A Visit to The New York Times

A big part in pursuing any professional career is knowing how everything operates behind the scenes. Our journalism class was given the rare opportunity to tour the inside of The New York Times building yesterday, July 10. The 52-story building houses The Times offices from the 2nd floor to the 28th floor (the remainder of the space is rented out), and we got to see how and where the journalists of the world famous news paper work.

While there, a variety of things featured in the documentary Page One: Inside the New York Times were easily seen, much to the delight of the journalism class. David Carr, a columnist for the times, was recognized by our class immediately, as well as the third and fourth floor of the building, where the main offices for writing are at The Times.

In addition, we were brought to the 15th floor, which houses framed articles of each story, series of articles, or pictures featured in The Times that have won the Pulitzer Prize, a prize that is, in essence, the journalistic equivalent to the Academy Awards. 108 prizes have been collectively won by affiliates of The Times, the most of any publication. The first win for The New York Times was back in 1918, awarded for accurate and extensive coverage of World War I.

Each member of the Journalism class received an edition of The New York Times Magazine and a copy of the day’s paper as a parting gift. The opportunity to visit the building truly enhanced the understanding of the journalism world for our class.

By Sara Evall



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