Crazy Coney Island

Luna Park-Coney Island, a place usually associated with the word fun. Well those associations prove to be valid as I had extensive amounts of fun during my first visit to the “island”. Though the journey to Coney Island was long and unpleasant, it was easily compensated by the rides and games. The park sort of transports you to when you were a child and everything was a game to you, all those imaginations of games that ran wild are brought to reality in this park. What made me appreciate Coney Island mostly though is the incredibly helpful staff there; they never ceased to amaze me with there cheerful demeanour. Coney Island rightfully prides itslelf on its history, having the first wooden roller coaster however is something to be appreciative of.
 Luna Park at Coney Island 1000 Surf Avenue Brooklyn New York 11224

By Cherie Kihato


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