“Milk” Review

Milk, directed by Gus Van Sant and starring Sean Penn, tells the story of gay rights activist and first openly homosexual California officeholder Harvey Milk. From his early days as a photographer, the movie chronicles his journey to office and how his lifestyle and sexuality played a role in his political life. The film does a good job of showing the interplay between the personal and political aspects of his life and exactly how they interact.

The movie as a whole gets a solid A for the truth of the story it tells. It had moments where it dragged and I found myself checking the time and, as it’s a true story, I don’t think I give anything away by saying that the end is disheartening and disappointing. The movie gives light to an issue that we still face in our generation, which makes it a powerful one to watch. Gay rights is arguably the next hurdle we must face in the fight for civil rights.

James Franco and Sean Penn both do a fantastic job in their roles in the film. The acting is good and the cinematography, transitioning back and forth from real clips of seventies footage to the movie, blends well. The movie is certainly worth the eight Academy Award nominations it received. It deserved every one of them.

By Allyson Larcom


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