International Relations Minor: UN Headquarters visit

On July 13, the International Relations minor class went on a fieldtrip to the United Nations Headquarters. Whilst visiting, a minute group of people were seen opposite the headquarters protesting for the rights of the Syrian people. The United Nations Security Council was expected to vote on resolutions for Syria this week after 220 people were killed by fire from helicopter gunships.

Reported as a part of continuing Syrian air force operation, the attack was on the Hana region in the village of Tremseh. On Thursday, helicopter gunships and tanks were used to bomb the area, followed by militiamen slaughtering families. UN observers described the massacre as ‘an extension’ of a Syrian Arab Air Force (SAAF) operation.

According to the UNSMIS (United Nations Supervision Mission in Syria) report, unarmed UN Military observers were stopped from getting closer by SAAF commander because of ‘military operations’ and could only get within about 4 miles of Tremseh. For 8 hours, more than 100 explosions, sporadic small arms, machine gun fire as well as white and black smoke plumes buried the city. MI-8 and two MI-24 helicopters were seen by patrol flying overhead and even witnessed one of the MI-24 helicopters firing air to ground rockets.


By Natalie Ho


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