Oxbridge Goes to Once

When a small budget indie film becomes an eight time Tony Award-winning musical, it really has to be something incredible. The Broadway show Once defied all odds to be just that–it went from being a movie unknown to the vast majority of the world to a smash broadway hit, and each NYCE student got the chance to see this unbelievable show with their major classes at the matinees on either July 8th or July 15th.

Once tells the story of an unnamed Irish street musician (Steve Kazee) who is struggling both emotionally and monetarily, and the Czech woman (Cristin Milioti), also unnamed, who inspires him to pick himself up off the ground and start living and believing in his music again. The show explored the harsh realities of lost love and the struggles and triumphs of life through the raw emotions displayed by each member of the cast in their every action.

Although there were some noticeable differences from the movie, which is inevitable when switching from film to theater, the gripping music and acting in Once were absolutely carried through into the show. The witty dialogue and heartfelt songs caused the audience to laugh out loud and be brought to tears over and over during the hour and fifty minute show. The mood changes from hysterically funny to somber and serious were all skillfully done and displayed the acting prowess of every member of the incredible cast. Their performances used song and dance as a means to show the pain, heartache, and prevailing dreams of each character in a way that is rarely executed as effectively as it was in the show.

Once is a truly spectacular musical that earned every bit of recognition that it received. It was heartbreaking yet hopeful, and relatable in a way that is rarely seen because of its powerful portrayals of the harsh and beautiful realities of life. Once took its audience through an emotional roller coaster that virtually no one wanted to end. It’s no mystery why it took home eight Tony Awards earlier this year.

Journalism class with “Once” star, Steve Kazee

By Sara Evall


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