Summer Dreamin’ with the New York Philharmonic

Central Park, the lungs of New York City, is where the New York Philharmonic hosted another summer concert to bring classical music to the general public as it’s been doing since 1965. Summer salads and Italian antipasti accompanied by ice cold wine and pink lemonade were spread across countless gingham and tie-dyed cloths in Central Park’s Great Lawn. The place felt private and secluded with the Manhattan skyline peaking through the towering trees around us.

The lively chatter of friends, family, and couples came to a simmer as the musicians filed into their seats onstage. The mood was light and pleasant as the musicians masterfully played their instruments. The first chair violinist gave a mesmerizing solo during Wagner’s Prelude to Act I of Die Meistersinger Von Numberg. The cellists and violinists lifted Tchaikovsky’s notes and crecendoed them into the air. Finally, after Brahms’ Symphony No. 1 the Bay Fireworks splashed across the sky; simply spectacular.

And that is how you enjoy one of the simplest pleasures summer can bring. Bare feet, dewy grass and good company can turn a regular concert into something magical and unforgettable. The next Central Park Philharmonic Concert will take place in September.

by Michelle Santiago 


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