“Time Out” Lives Up to Its Name

The first remark entering the TimeOut office was the original design of the space. The colorful and modern place was quite a departure from the The New York Times offices, which were more silent and serious and here, employees wear t-shirts and flip-flops in lieu of suits and ties.

The magazine which was first published in London at 1968, started printing in New York in 1995 and has 60 editions all over the world including cities like Chicago, Istanbul and Abu Dhabi. The employee number in the office is about a hundred and ten, thirty-five of them editorials working on various kinds of subjects like arts, nightlife, food and shopping.

“I’m aware that the future is digital, but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to not love paper.” says the Design Director of the magazine, Adam Logan Fulrath while he talks about the website and how it has a million views every month. The journalism students had a chance to also meet Jordana Rothman, the Food & Drink Editor of the magazine. Jordana enthusiastically answered the many questions from the curious students and told them about how she came from eating only beans because she was poor to being invited to famous restaurants.

The editors provided us with many valuable lessons, “Say yes to opportunities that come your way,” says Jordana, because that this is how she got to her current occupation at TimeOut.

By Alara Ozsan


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