Basker Robbins

Following Mr. Basker’s captivating talk about the expression of slavery through poetry, the Oxbridge students were given the opportunity to get to know Mr. Basker on a more personal level. During the ’32 flavour’ ice cream social, students were able to ask the founder of Oxbridge Academic Programs questions on his life and work so far.

Here is a short Q & A we had with him:

The Hudson Herald (THH): Why did you choose New York as one of your locations for a summer programme?

Jim Basker (JB): Sometimes you’ll hear that Boston is a great American university town. I’ve taught at Harvard for 7 years and there’s no question that Boston is amazing with all the universities like Boston College and Berkeley. But New York is something else. It’s a business capital, media capital and a great college town. For the right kind of student New York is a perfect university town.I mean there are 100 000 students. There’s so much you can do and so much diversity.

THH: When did you finish writing the book?

JB: You said a very special word; Finished. I didn’t finish, I stopped. When it comes to compiling you can never really finish. It’s an ongoing process.

THH: What exciting things have you done?

JB: Well, I lived in Britain for years and for the last 30 years I’ve spent 2-3 months of each year travelling everywhere. So I’ve done quite a lot.

By: Cherie Kihato and Natalie Ho


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