Beyond my Expectations

It’s been said that time flies when you’re having fun… But the New York College Experience has not only flown, it has gone at supersonic speed. It was learning at its purest sense, using New York City as a backdrop, meeting accomplished people who inspire with their stories and knowledge, and being involved in classes that taught us without it feeling like conventional teaching. This program made me hungry for more!

The teachers brought their work experience into the classroom. They made us see the link between what we were learning and the work force. What better way to learn? Nothing was arbitrary and everything we learned was applied to a practical assignment. We could see the direct link between the classroom and the outside world.

I couldn’t have asked for a more vibrant canvas this month. From museums and discovering new neighborhoods to experiencing college life and seeing the mechanics of a world-class newspaper, so many moments stand out. I felt like I was in the center of the world, and in effect, I was! This special student life almost felt like an onion to me. On the outside lies the entire city of New York and the global community of this city. On the inside was the Barnard and Columbia campuses and the international student body I was part of.

It’s rare for someone to say that one month changed their life. With the great input I received from both teachers and fellow students coupled with amazing excursions, I can truly say that this past July changed my life. I was very lucky to be amongst a diverse pool of students here at the New York College Experience. I learned something new from so many of them and I’ve formed friendships that I hope to keep forever. On so many levels, this program resonated with me. Despite leaving the city, so much of what I’ve lived will stay with me back home.

By Léa Lotey-Goodman


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