The Trend of Hair Dye

With hair color ranging from blue to blonde, the students of Oxbridge seem to be obsessed with dying their hair. The trend began in the second week with a group of girls bleaching their hair in the bathroom on the14th floor, during the Olympics Saturday Night dance. It wasn’t until the week after that Oxbridge’s very own Nonno from Japan and Lizzy from California, dying a part of their hair a bluey greenish color. It looked extremely stylish and people were inspired to do the same, particularly Jin from Korea. He claimed that he wanted to put peroxide his hair. His attempt ended up resulting in his hair becoming a light reddish color with a tint of blonde, creating our very own Asian Ron Weasley. There was much talk of his hair that same night at the Talent Show when Jin performed his mastermind song of ‘Study Hall’ to the tune of Once’s “Falling Slowly”. His new hair sparked controversy and the trend seemed to spread like fire. Hong Kong’s Tin, with the assistance of Turkey’s Alara even bleached the front part of his hair the next day, followed by China’s Jason Huang bleaching his entire hair that same night after discovering the excess bleach leftover. People made the use of the bleach including Journalism’s very own Elisa having her hair tips bleached by sister, Sofia. The result of his hair shocked many with students asking ‘Is your mum going to approve of this?’ or ‘What were you thinking, Jason?’ He states now that he wants to dye his hair blue.

By Natalie Ho

Jason, with his new hair.

Journalism’s Elisa having her ends bleached with the assistance of sister Sofia.


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