Alara Ozsan

After a long trek from Istanbul, Turkey, Alara Ozsan arrived in the Big Apple for her third time ever, ready to participate in the New York College Experience (NYCE). Born in Istanbul, Turkey on May 14 1997, she began her English education as a young child, taught by her mother. Alara spends every Sunday with extended family, and she is an avid volleyball player, swimmer, and photographer. She especially loves to photograph nature, and her favorite professional photographer is Ara Guler, also from Turkey. Alara knew that she wanted to attend a summer program and chose to come to NYCE not only for the classes, but also for the city. She loves the vibe of the many busy streets in Manhattan and the diversity that she sees in her surroundings. Alara attends a high school that teaches every class in English (other than Turkish) and loves the English language. She decided to major in journalism to further hone her English skills and to explore a different style of writing. One of her previous English teachers even taught J.K. Rowling when she was in elementary school, and told Alara that she could pursue a career in writing. She looks forward to further discoveries in New York while she gets to know the city as well as her fellow NYCE students who come from a variety of backgrounds.

By Sara Evall


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