Allyson Larcom

The first thing you notice about Allyson Larcom is her captivating smile that almost immediately illuminates the room. Her friendly persona is instantly felt as she creates a comfortable atmosphere. She is from Salt Lake City, Utah, a small but ambitious city in the sense that it tries to mimic the “big city” vibe that the ever so magnificent New York possess. Allyson is part of her swim team at Rolling Hall highschool which she uses as a pawn to  get out of doing any form of land sports. Her ambition is amazing as she reveals how screen writing is her passion. She doesn’t exactly prefer being “closed up” as she tells that she doesn’t want to stay in Salt Lake for College.
“I think you’re my neighbour”, she says; and yes indeed, I am here neighbour her at Bernard. Allyson Larcom, an incredibly extroverted people, a preson who will have an amazing time here at Barnard.

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