Ethan Weinstein

Rising sophomore Ethan Weinstein is a true New Yorker at heart. Although he moved from Manhattan to Los Angeles when he was eight years old, he is very familiar with the city he will be spending the next month in.  Ethan is passionate about playing guitar, golfing and reading as well as watching a wide array of movies. He’s been so inspired by cinema that he has even begun writing his own television scripts. In fact, he has already written two episodes on spec for his favorite show: Community. Ethan lives with his parents, younger brother and dog, Espy. The Oxbridge Journalism major is the first journalism class Ethan has even partaken in, but reporting is clearly in his blood since both his parents are involved in journalism-related jobs (his father used to be a journalist and his mother works for NBC). He is a returning Oxbridge student, as he studied Spanish in Barcelona last summer. Ethan truly defines the term bicoastal!

By Léa Lotey-Goodman


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