Léa Lotey-Goodman

When Oxbridge representatives visited her school in Montreal last year, Léa Lotey-Goodman said she “heard a voice telling her to come” to New York and be a part of the program. So come she did, leaving behind her parents and brother and dogs at home, and telling them that she would be back in a month. Léa is native of Quebec, and speaks both French and English fluently. She plays tennis frequently and has a Bronze Cross in swimming, but is waiting until she turns 16 to participate in national tournaments. In her spare time, Léa volunteers with children with disabilities at The Friendship Circle in her hometown of Montreal , as well as working as a Counselor-in-Training during the summer at a day camp. Léa loves reading, but she doesn’t do it very often, since she is so busy with her friends and her schoolwork “almost all the time.” Léa is excited to be here in New York, citing it as “one of [her] favorite cities” and she can’t wait to spend time at Oxbridge.

By Ethan Weinstein


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