Michelle Santiago

Michelle Santiago comes from Puerto Rico and is 16-years-old. She speaks both English and Spanish fluently. She has a younger sister aged 14, who she loves and misses a lot. Back to Puerto Rico she goes in a all girls Catholic School and wears a special uniform every day. She can’t wait to graduate and leave this school and be accepted in Columbia University or NYU. She came to New York with her family at first, to enjoy the never-sleeping city by visiting loads of places and shopping. Here at Barnard, for the New York College Experience she chose Journalism as her major, to see if this is what she wants to do later. As her minor she chose International Business Affairs, something that certanely is not new to her since she already does this at school, but wants to see it in a different perspective, smart isn’t it?

By Elisa Lobjanidze


5 thoughts on “Michelle Santiago

  1. Michelle de verdad representa a la raza latina! Sus artículos no solo son conmovedores, pero también inspiradores. De verdad es un gusto ver a los hispanos representados, me trae lagrimas a mis ojitos.

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