Délicieux… and then some

When you set foot in Tartine, a West Village institution café, you immediately feel the Paris Bistro atmosphere mixed with an ambiance that embodies the classic allure of Brittany. It is a quaint, unpretentious café oozing with character and charm. The french music playing is chosen with care and hints at what’s to come. The aroma of freshly baked croissant wafts through the room and your tastebuds are immediately awoken, even before eating. The service is impeccable and freshly squeezed orange juice is served as soon as we are seated. The brunch menu is comprised of standard dishes with a twist, all delectable and pleasing to the palette. It was very difficult to choose what I would have, so I went with one of all-time favorites: the omelette. Soon after our order was taken, an our meals were served. My omelette was cooked to perfection, brimming with a generous mix of red peppers, ham, and swill cheese, served with both soft and crunchy roasted potatoes and Hollandaise sauce.

The omelette I had was the best I’ve ever tasted. It was a perfect blend of different flavors and It’s simplicity would be hard to duplicate. Every morceau (was perfection. Every bite was savored and the freshness of the ingredients was apparent. The presentation was simple, with no unnecessary distraction. The French Chef Thierry Rochard, who created this bijou over 20 years ago clearly believes in the maxim  “less is more” when it comes to presentation. This certainly does not apply to the portion sizes – they were heaping. He must have a great supply of doggy bags!

Tartine is the ideal friendly and colorful neighborhood café. It is the perfect combination of great food and perfect ambiance, and on top of that, is very reasonably priced. If you’re looking for a slice of Paris in the West Village, look no further. There is no better way to start the day than with a breakfast at Tartine!

By Léa Lotey-Goodman


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